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Eco-food in Norway

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Eco-food in Norway. We are the March 17 team and earlier on this year, we went to the Stange farm. You can read all about our previous visit here. We learned a lot from our first visit and decided to come back for more. We vent volunteering on the farm for an entire week to understand more about Norwegian Eco-food!


Eco-food in Norway


Helping on the farm


We helped with many different tasks on the farm. There was a lot of painting to be done, so we spent several days painting the different houses. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the job due to excessive rain.

painting a Eco-food in Norway


This did, however, give us time to help with picking potatoes and help with the harvesting of different vegetables. Aside from the Potatoes, we harvested cabbages and onions and we helped in sorting the carrots. Seeing how they produce the food ecologically and sustainably was a marvel and it taught us so much.

There was also a little time to help with building some new buildings. We also had some really fun experiences learning how to milk the cows.


Eco-food in Norway


The amazing Eco-food


At each meal, we had the pleasure of eating all the delicious Eco-food they have to offer at the farm. We ate amazing homemade yogurt and chocolate just to mention some of the tasty food we sampled.

picking carrots in a Eco-food in Norway


It was such a delight to spend time with all the people on the farm. From temporary workers to the full-time employees, everyone had such a unity, it really felt like a big family. We were also so happy to gain the additional knowledge we acquired on how to sustainably grow Eco-food. We could not recommend this place enough and we hope to see that more and more people learn to produce food in the sustainable way Stange farm does it.

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