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Hello from sunny and funny South Africa. After we arrived to the country we joined TCE (Total Control of Epidemics) project in Zululand for the first 3 weeks. Unfortunately the project was about to finish, so we took part in some final steps and got know a bit about the situation of HIV/AIDS in the area.

Closing the TCE project was unexpected for us, we were especially surprised when we were told that there is no traditional TCE project, where we could participate and find our roles. But as we know life is full of little surprises, we kept our heads up and investigated to which project we could join. Everything happens for reason, exactly how it happened with us as well.
This is the beginning of our second months in our great poject, Child Aid! The project is located in Tubatse, Limpopo Province around 12 kms from the nearest town, Burgersfort.
Child Aid operates in 10 lines which are related with Health, Children and Farming. These lines are different ways how to help, educate and develop including the community itself. In 2012 a Community Centre was build to create a perfect place for people to gather. Nowadays the building provides the place for having computer and business courses and also running a Pre-School . The Centre is the home of our meetings as well.


We can say that we are at the right place! In Child Aid there is a lot to do. The project is having a Youth program, so already in first week we lead courses about career guidance, peer pressure and interpersonal skills. Currently we are preparing ourselves for the next event where we will present Child Abuse topic in the secondary schools nearby. We try to make these kind of presentations entertaining and also educational at the same time.
As we wrote the project has a ’Farming line’ which encourages people of local community to establish their gardens and grow their own food. We take part in distribution of tools and seeds and now we are just about to create a garden in the area of the Community Centre and make a plant nursery.

Gardening and farming are completely new for us so we are gaining new experiences and also having fun to find the proper beetroot seedling from hundred type.
Our main project is to build a playground for the children of the Pre-school and of the community. We have a 22mx30m big area which we first had to prepare. As it was only two of us working, it took almost two weeks to dig and take grass and bushes out. We are planning to put 7 different playground elements, each of them created from used tires. We were very lucky and able to collect 105 tires from three different places as a donation. We have very limited budget so we try to find the cheapest solutions. The seven elements include seesaw, swing and other creative figures from the tires that children can climb on, jump and crawl on it. So far we have built the first two elements, a tire pyramid and a tunnel from big bus tires. Now we are working on creating a caterpillar. In the end we will paint them, so they are colourful.

If you want to join our next team send us your contact details! 

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