Ramona after 2 years of Fighting with the Poor

Such a beautiful exercise of imagination, creation and a quick trip in the past. I remember when I took the decision of joining the Program. It was actually long before I knew that “Fighting with the Poor” Program exists. It was while I was in high-school and reading different stories about the poor children from developing countries I had the wish to do something related to it. At that moment I decided I will be a volunteer. Many years passed by until the moment I finally decided it was about the time. It was in 2011 when I enrolled myself in the Program. In February 2012 I started my Fighting with the Poor at One World Institute,  Norway. An inspiring environment… many people with the same dreams as mine, with the wish to travel, discover the world and help people. With dreams and hopes for a better world. I feel like so many years had passed since then. Maybe is because I met so many people and I had so many experiences. Nothing came for granted.


Particularly in the team: we had to work hard, we had so many discussions until we reached a common conclusion, we fought, we laughed, we cried and we had so much fun. All of them matter! Matter, because I learnt to be tolerant, to listen before speaking, to try to understand before judging, to be patient with people around and give myself time to learn, to not be afraid of doing different things and starting all over again, to negotiate the price of the train ticket in the train station, to ask for food randomly (when needed and in case I didn’t have money-situation which often happened during the DI Program), I learnt I have energy and skills to make things which I never imagined before, to appreciate the less I have and the much I am able to give.


To describe the experience in India and people I met during my project I would need many more days to put it down on the paper. It was a lifetime experience. I didn’t know what this expression meant until I had this amazing and challenging experience, until I realised that those 6 months finished and it was time to return in Europe. Every time I was in the slum I felt fortunate I have the chance to stay with those people and their children. I was never the type of person that will complain or see only the bad parts of the situation, but anyway, being in this Program and particularly in India, I learnt to appreciate life- to take it as a gift and all the time something bad happens just look for the bright side and learn (get most out of it).

Before going to India I had vague ideas of what I would like to do with my future. It was hard to imagine a project or job that will make me happy and keep me active. I made my decision before leaving India. I decided that I will work in development and I will continue the work and the struggle shoulder to shoulder with the Poor.

Working together with the National Headquarters and the Indian team made me comprehend the importance of working in a collective bound with same principles and ideals. Made me comprehend that people gathered together for a goal will succeed easier and with less effort than by doing it all by yourself. I actually don’t know if we could do the change all by ourselves, maybe we can change but this is just a step.

My future will be about: hope, people, work, achievements, share, community, decisions, struggles, joy, change, better future, tolerance, learning and much more.

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Ramona – September Team 2011

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