Volunteering in Mazabuka

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Volunteering in Zambia, our experience.

In Mazabuka, the Southern province of Zambia, a project focused on Child Aid takes place. ZAMFAM is a project, in which our students decided to contribute. ZAMFAM reaches out to 125000 Orphans and Vulnerable children in the program to improve their well-being.



What Volunteering in Zambia really means


Their main activity takes place at the Nakambala Urban Health Center. At the health center, the volunteers are instructed by the nurses on how to work with the HIV positive children. Therefore they have certain responsibilities: monitoring the growth of children by using the MUAC tapes temperature and sorting out the patient’s files to secure the HIV+ children and insure their accessibility to the treatment.



Furthermore, the volunteers are a part of a prevention group held by ZAMFAM officers. That means cooperating with the community mobilizers. They went from door to door to get the children tested for their HIV status. By now, they have managed to reach out to over a 100 OVCs in the program.

While trying to offer as much help as possible, the volunteers came out with a brilliant idea: distributing condoms. They took condoms from the clinic and distributed 432 male condoms. People in the compound in Namkambala and Mazabuka were the recipients of the condoms.



What we have learned so far


Besides this, the volunteers visited Internal Saving Internal Lending in communities in Mazabuka central project. They also visited the Nakambala project, where they helped out with saving and sharing money to support individual families. They also assisted in starting different types of businesses, so they could improve their economy and support their children.



“We learned that a good prevention can save thousands of lives. As well as, it is a good start to earn the local’s trust, thereby it is easier to communicate and work within the community.” the volunteers say as reporting back to the school about their volunteering experience in Zambia.

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