Half year ago I would have never imagined working in Norway Clothes Collection which surprisingly I enjoy doing. CC teaches me lots of things not just about myself, but also how to work as a team.

Working in Norway

What came to my mind as I started to write this blog post is that I am so happy doing this job. My reason is straightforward: I was shocked at the first time when I saw the colossal wasting. We collect tonnes of clothes every week, and not just worn garments, but new ones with their prices tags. Always wondering if not donating the clothes would the people throw them away or are they buying them for giving?

Every decision what we make as citizens of the world will have an effect not only on yourself but also for someone else. Small things we do can cause a significant change because big things start with small steps. At the Introduction Week, we heard about Norge Gir Clothes Collection. A company, the school, has for our students to work in Norway and earn the program cost. Our boss, Jan said that after every 1 kg of clothes we save the Earth for 4 kilograms of carbon monoxides. I am glad to do this because I feel like I am doing something to help the environment. In our age it is not just important, but also our duty to be responsible. It’s a little personal step to decide to donate your clothes. People who make this little choice to be environmentally responsible are the ones who make this job worth it!

Stavanger One World Institute

The bad

Our containers are to collect only clothes and shoes, which bring me to the people who are not so kind. They use them as dumpsters, making our job much harder. Once we met a woman, who asked: Do we collect carpets? We said unfortunately not. The woman shook her shoulders, put down her dirty rug and left. Since we don’t assemble carpets/blankets/pillows/furniture, we have to take it to the recycle station. Time and distance matter a lot in that job; if we don’t have enough space in the containers! People will throw their clothes away, or we have to clean up containers used as trash bins and add unnecessary working time to our day!

The good

Luckily we also meet genuinely good people during our work. Once an old Norwegian lady invited me to her house because she couldn’t carry two bags until the container. An entirely unknown person, who didn’t speak her language and yet she still invited me to her home.

Yes, CC is hard physical work, especially for a woman but in the end, it all depends on your attitude. We are having fun together, listening to music and dancing when tired and we see beautiful places around working in Norway. It is worth it personally, but we are doing something important, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.

One World Institute students working in Norway

Hugs from Anna working in Clothes Collection Stavanger 😀


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